Summer Show 2016

Sixty-Third Burstall Show

Saturday August 7th was a fantastic day weather wise, and a good very happy crowd came again to support our Village Show. The organisers were sad that John Mower from Hintlesham, who had been a brilliant exhibitor at the Show for many years, was unable to compete this year, and in recognition of his past support for our shows he was invited to present the trophies in the for the Vegetable Classes. One of John Mower’s past keen rivals,Hugh Richards, dominated the Vegetable and Flower Classes, winning the Open Vegetables,  Vegetables Grown for Pleasure, Open Flowers and Best Flowers Trophies.  Entries in the Vegetable section were of a very high standard In a difficult year with Rupert Catlin winning the Burstall Vegetables Trophy and John Minns winning the Best Vegetable Exhibit with some excellent Tomatoes. The Flower Arranging Class was won by Ann Burchnall, with Lesley Raby’s ‘Arrangement in an ‘Unusual Container’ winning the Best Flower Exhibit.,

There were very strong entries in the Preserves, Cookery and Handicrafts sections, and these were much praised by the Judges.  Jane Sago from Bramford, a long time member of Burstall WI and currently the President of the East Suffolk Womens Institute, was the worthy winner of the Open Cookery Cup and the Homemade Preserve Class, with Ann Day winning the Burstall Cookery Cup. Sue Frankis won the Open Handicrafts Class. The Men Only Entries Class was won by Richard Sago.

There were good entries in all the Children’s Classes, and the enthusiasm of those competing augurs well for the future. Sophie Woolf, Paige Debman and Chloe Macmillan  won the trophies for their respective age groups. The best exhibit in these classes was won by Hugo Young for his Decorated Egg., and the Children’s Potato Challenge was won by Ben Debman.

Musical entertainment was provided by the Frog Island Jazz Band in the Village Hall grounds. Several Classic Cars, Motor Cycles Tractors and other Vehicles were on show  and brought back happy memories to many. The displays given by the Ipswich Veterinary Centre Dog Agility Club demonstrated the considerable skills of dogs and their owners to great effect.

 Such a happy day does not happen by accident.  Much hard work was expended by many people to achieve yet another great success. Thanks go to all who kindly and cheerfully helped and contributed. Special thanks to the sponsors, to the stewards, judges and exhibitors of the Flower Show, to donors of Grand Draw Prizes, bottles for the tombola and other items for sale on the stalls. Thanks also to those who prepared the showground, organised, erected and helped with side shows, and last but not least to those who contributed food and served refreshments throughout the day, and to those who washed up and cleared up at the end. The standard of food continues to be excellent and, as always, is a marvellous credit to the limited resources of the small parish of Burstall. Those who worked so hard to provide and serve lunches, teas, BBQ food, ice creams, cakes and drinks throughout the day really do deserve special praise.

Trophies were presented by the President of the Show, (assisted by John Mower for the Vegetable Classes), to the very worthy prize winners. The Show concluded with an auction of surplus produce (kindly donated by exhibitors).

Just over 100 years ago, the Cranfield Family gave to Burstall our wonderful Village Hall. Our small village has the continuing responsibility for maintaining this fantastic asset for the benefit of all our residents both now and in the future. Interior improvements have all been recently carried out. Now, with the tremendous support we have had from our 63rd Show, we hope we are well on the way to raising sufficient resources to fund it’s exterior redecoration. We are very grateful to the support given to this annual community event, and believe that all who visited and contributed to the Show had a very happy day out.

We shall now start preparing for next year’s Show, which will be held on Saturday 5th August 2017.

Nicholas Fiske (President)