Parish Council

The Parish Council holds regular public meetings, to which all parishioners are eligible to attend.  A 15 minute surgery is available before the meeting, for parishioners to raise any issues.  A notice of the meeting is posted on the Village notice board the week before the meeting with the Agenda, and we look forward to seeing parishioners attending the meetings.

Sadly Clive Debenham has decided to stand down from the Parish Council after many years.  He will be greatly missed and we would like to thank him for his work as a Councillor, Past Chairman and Vice Chairman.  This means that a vacancy will exist on the Council, so if you are interested in being co-opted, please either get in touch with the Clerk or one of the Councillors and we would be very happy to discuss it with you.

Parish Councillors elected May 2015

Barry Gasper Chairman 01473 652396
Andrew Cooper/Keith Raby Village Hall Liaison 01473 652725/6520403
Mary Smith Litter 01473 652318
Nick Fiske PCC Liaison 01473 652203
Simon Girling SALC Representative 01473 652652
Andrew Kerrison Emergency Planning Officer 01473 652385
BAPTC Representative Ann Burchnall 01473 652262
Keith Raby Public Transport 01473 652403
Joan Eagle Road Safety 01473 652515
Lesley Raby Red Kiosk Monitor 01473 652403
Ann Burchnall Footpaths and Tree Warden 01473 652262
Samantha Barber Parish Council Clerk 01473 730597


The Parish Councillors give their time freely in line with the Public Service ethos and reject any form of personal remuneration for undertaking their civic duties.


District & County Councillors elected May 2011

Nick Ridley Brook Ward District Councillor 01473 652226
Barry Gasper Brook Ward District Councillor 01473 652396
Dave Busby County Councillor

Meeting Dates 2017

Parish Council Meeting Monday 16th January 7.30pm Pavilion
Parish Council Meeting Monday 20th March 7.30pm Pavilion
Monday 15th May
Village Hall
Parish Council Meeting Monday 17th July 7.30pm Pavilion
Parish Council Meeting Monday 25th September 7.30pm Pavilion
Parish Council Meeting Monday 20th November 7.30pm Pavilion



Devolution Consultation

2016 PC Audit

Minutes of past meetings