The AGM for Burstall Village Hall will be held on Wednesday November 14th.
We are looking to encourage more residents to become involved in the running of our village hall.
There are likely to be vacancies for the posts of Chairman and Treasurer and we also need additional members of the community to take on other roles within the committee .
Burstall Village Hall Committee has the responsibility of looking after the village hall and also runs the annual Flower Show and other events during the course of the year.
Our village hall has a huge impact in the village. As a community, we are very fortunate to have been given the hall to be a centre for the village. There are a lot of people with different talents who could add their skill to the Committee.
There are only a few meetings per year and the more who come forward to help the less an individual has to do.
Every offer would be gratefully received. We are not asking for anyone to dedicate months of their life to the community......just a little hand now and again to spread the load a bit.
It is up to us to keep this facility in good order for the next generation.
I look forward to hearing from you if you feel can help in any way.
Thank you very much.