From Suffolk Highways:
We will be carrying out repairs toBurstall Bridge, situated along the A1071 at Thorpes Hill,
Hintelsham. This work is necessary to repair the structure following a vehicular impact.
The work is planned to start on the13 July 2018 at 8pm and continue until 21 July 2018 at 6am. The
times and dates of works may change depending on the weather conditions. If they do change,we
will let you know by updating theinformation signs on site.
The road will be temporarily closed to through traffic for 24 hours continuously during the periods
below. There will be no access through the site for pedestrians or cyclists.
Closure period1 : Friday 13 July 2018 from 8pm to Sunday 15 July 2018 at 6pm
Closure period2 : Friday 20 July 2018 from 8pm to Saturday 21 July 2018 at 6am
During the period of the closure, traffic will be diverted via:
A1071, A1141, B1115, B1078, B1113, A1120, A14, A1214, A1071 and vice versa
During the periods of closure a temporarysuspension of 7.5 tonne weight restriction on the B1113
between U4404 Grinstead Hill and A1120 Cedars Link will be in place.
Tempoarary traffic lights will be in place to control the trafficwhile work is ongoing between the two
road closure periods.
These temporary traffic management measures are required to allowthe works to becarried out
safely and in accordance with current Health and Safety guidelines. Please see the information over
the page for more details of how access to your property will be affected by the works, as well as
other frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions about the work, please call us on:
0345 606 6171.
Once we have completed the works, it would be helpful if you could take a few moments to complete
a short survey at Your answers will help us improve
our service inthe future.
Frequentlasked questions:
You have said that my road will be closed. Will I still be able to get in and out of my property?
Yes, the majority of the time you will be able to.When the road isclosed, staff on site will be able to
make sure that you can get through safely.
If we are working directly outside your property, we will do everything we can to make sure that you
still get in when you want to. However,if, for example we are digging up the road or path right outside
your property, there may be periods of around 15-20 minutes when you may temporarily not be able
to get in or out.
What about access for other services including emergency services?
We notify the emergency services, localbus operators andcouncils for bin collections. If an
emergency vehicle needs to get in,access would immediately be made available.
I run a business how will peopleknow if it is open?
We know it’s important customers are aware businesses are open, so where appropriate we will put
up notices or display signs saying ‘Businesses open as usual’.
Will the works benoisy?
The nature of roadworks and the equipment that we use, means that works can be noisy. We will do
everything we can to keep noise to the minimum possible.
Will works definitely start on the date in your letter?
We plan roadworks in advance, so to take into account bad weather or other delays, we give dates
that cover the range of days that we could be on site (with a few extra days planned in just in case).
If we need to make major changes to the datesof works, we will let you know and update the
information boards on sites.
Why is there a long diversion in place?
When we close a road and put a diversion in place, it needs to be a route that can be accessed by
all shapes and sizes ofvehicles. We make the diversion as clear as possible, but people may choose
to use other local roads.
The works have finished. Why have signs and barriers been left behind?
Sometimes we need to leave sites with barriers around them so that newsurfaces can finish drying
off. Often our teams are scheduled to collect the signs at a later date. Occasionally we may leave
signs behind by mistake, so if you dosee them more than two weeks after we have finished give us
a call and we will come and collect them.
Tel: 0345 606 6171 Report