Burstall Show Facebook Page

The Burstall Show now has a Facebook page - getting wizzy aren't we !
We hope it will be of interest and that you will share this with your friends.
There are lots of pictures from the very early years and many faces which  some of you may remember. Any help with putting names to faces would be appreciated.
We will try and keep this page updated with hints and tips for entering the classes at the show.
If you have anything you would like included on this page please let us know.
This is just one idea for advertising our show and since it worked for the new W.I in Ipswich we thought it was worth a try.
Just search for Burstall Show 2017 or use the link:-
(NB if you don't already have a Facebook account, you will need to create one).
Hope you think it will be worthwhile, feedback is always welcome.

By Ann Burchnall on April 13th, 2017