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Burstall Cottage Hotel

I have been looking for some history of the old Burstall Cottage Hotel that was used by the USAF in the 60's when my brother Leo and I were live-in kitchen porters there. 
If I remember correctly, the hotel was managed by a Mr and Mrs Rackham; before an American couple took over.
I have fond memories of those times. Particularly of the village pub; which was run/owned? by a rather buxom and very jolly lady who always provided fresh cheese, pickled onions and eggs and lots of freshly baked bread on the bar for customers to help themselves. I strongly suspect that that is where I developed my liking for strong cheddar cheese! 
I am surprised that there is not more  on the net about the history of the USAF involvement in the village back in the 60's. 

David R Graham